Kortijn Crushed Ice


Did you know that Kortijn Ice is the only company on the island that delivers crushed ice?

So for those hot weekends and backyard family BBQ’s, we found a couple of delicious easy to prepare Frozen Cocktail recipes you can make yourself with Kortijn’s Crushed Ice.

Amaretto Sunrise Crush


Blend the orange juice, amaretto, grenadine and the Kortijn crushed ice in blender until smooth. Pour the mix into a margarita/ glass, add the lemon juice and enjoy!

Frozen Fruit Daiquiri



2 oz white rum



Add pieces of a fruit of your choice, fruit syrup (of that chosen fruit), rums, sugar, lime juice and the Kortijn crushed ice to a blender, and blend. Pour the mix into a cocktail glass, and enjoy!

Popular fruits are: banana, pineapple and strawberry.