Kortijn Ice Products

Crushed Ice

Our Crushed Ice is ideal for Cocktails, Smoothies, Frappuccinos, Seafood Displays, Food Processing and Ice Rinks. Give drinks that special, sparkly touch with some diamonds of crushed ice.

Block Ice for Carving

Used for bulk cooling and social events, as well as construction sites. Regardless if you need long lasting bulk cooling power or perfectly transparent sculpting material, our superior quality block ice is perfectly suited for your needs. Block Dimensions: 20″ by 40″ by 10″ thick. Block Weight (per): 300 lbs

Freezer Rental

A great supplement to any business. Whether you own a convenience or grocery store, restaurant or food stand, campground or tube rental. We have attractive marketing coolers that are guaranteed to generate sales for your business. A variety of different size units available for both short term and long term rental. Contact us for price quote.

Ice Ball

Make sure your cocktails are out of this world with this ice ball mold. The unique spherical shape melts ice slower and ensures perfectly chilled spirits. Great for any beverages! Especially classic cocktails, whiskey and scotch

Cooling Ice

15 lbs crystal clear ice block. A big piece of clear ice for cooling or ornamental purposes.

Serve Ice

Packaged crystal clear ice bags of 5lbs. / 10lbs. / 15lbs.
Conventionally used to cool beverages. Use it for chilling or serving in your bar, restaurant, nightclub, at home or your event location if you are a caterer.