Private Party

For your private celebrations and VIP parties, Kortijn offers you the same High Quality Ice cubes that consumers are known to enjoy. Kortijn Ice Cubes are offered in a variety of packaging sizes to meet the needs of any occasion.

For your each event we offer you the best service available. We can supply your food and beverages bar with our high quality Kortijn Ice cubes or Crushed ice. The perfect solution to keep your food and beverages chilled for serving.

So, whether you’re looking for just ice cubes for your party or an Ice Bar, Kortijn Ice has the expertise to deliver mind blowing results.

We are creatively challenged and will design a custom sculpture for any event you have planned. We have endless techniques available to create your own distinctive piece. By adding colored lighting you’ll get an elegant sculpture that will surprise your guests.

No matter what the size, Kortijn Ice  delivers the highest quality products available.

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private party